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Fun Facts…

Always fun to learn more about your holiday destination. The history of Bonaire is short but interesting

fun facts…

  • Bonaire is one of the ABC islands, next to Curacao and Aruba, the Dutch Leeward Islands. Saba St. Eustatius and St Maarten are the three dutch Windward Islands or the SSS islands.
  • The island is discovered around 1500 and the complete population was deported of the island to be sold as slaves in 1515 by the spanish.
  • from 1526 Bonaire was successively dominated by the Spaniards, the Dutch, the British, the Dutch, and again the British and only since 1816 it was Dutch again.
  • Bonaire has become a special municipality of the Netherlands since 10-10-2010.
  • There was even a concentration camp for the Nazis during WWII.
  • The official language is still dutch and almost all local people speak three or more languages
  • The local language is papiamentu, a language with influences from Portuguese, Spanish, English, French and Dutch and even influences from Indian and African languages.
  • The economy is mainly tourism but there’s still no mass tourism on the island, which makes Bonaire one of the most authentic islands of all of the dutch antilles
  • For a really small island there are an unexpected number of restaurants on bonaire where you can enjoy great food.
  • The Bonaire National Marine Park is founded in 1979 and includes all of the nature, above and underwater, on and around bonaire, and the small island Klein Bonaire.
  • The Washington Slagbaai National Park has two important internationally protected water areas that is inhabited by 210 species of birds and are the breeding grounds for the flamingo’s, the national symbol of Bonaire. This makes Bonaire very atractive for birdwatching as well.
  • Aloe vera is a natural insect repellant which is also very good for the skin. Much healthier than the DEET sprays and it also smells delicious.
  • The best way of transportation is a rental car or scooter, since there’s virtually no public transport on the island.
  • All over the island there are cars, scooters, or bikes for rent. We can provide a rental car for you!
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