house rules

these are the house rules for guests of Villa Dicha

To ensure a pleasant stay we have stated common house rules for every guest. For most of our dear guests this is not necessary, but to avoid any misunderstandings, it’s good to know beforehand.

Please read the rules and conditions listed here, to ensure a carefree stay in Villa Dicha.

- Check-in time is after 4 p.m. Check-out time is 10 a.m. If you would like to come early or leave later, please send us a mail or call us to consult with us. If possible, when there are no guests coming the same day, there could be the possibility for a late check-out. Please just ask the manager. If you want to have certainty about checking out late, do consider to book an extra day.

- We love pets, they’re adorable. But no matter how cute and well trained, pets are not allowed. If it’s about a recognised assistance dog, please consult us in advance.

- A car or multiple scooters can be parked inside the gate, on the parking under the pergola. There’s plenty of room for multiple cars and scooters outside the gate at the street. The small parking area on the other side of the street is not ours, the neighbours will appreciates it if you don’t use their parking.

- Indoor smoking is not allowed. Outside you can, but only if you use an ashtray to put them out and collect them.

- however they’re cute as well, please don’t feed the iguana’s that walk in the garden. They’re much more cute when they’re not eating the plants or try to find food in your kitchen.

- Of course we understand that music and holidays go together. But Villa Dicha is a part of a suburban area and everyone lives outdoor on Bonaire. So please keep the volume down to make sure other people don’t hear it and no music after 10 p.m.

- Septic tank: please don’t use any chemicals, (frying)oil, sanitary pads/tampons or any other objects into the sinks or toilets. Like most houses on Bonaire, we have a septic tank and that’s easily clogged or chemically contaminated or unbalanced.

-The rinse tank is for your convenience, to rinse diving or surf gear. It drains directly to the garden to water the plants. So please don’t put anything other than water used for rinsing in the rinse tank.

- Barbecue: For some great dinners there’s a grill/BBQ to enjoy cooking with the family. Best place to put it when using it, is just outside the porch. On the outside there’s an outlet in the wall. Charcoal will stain the coral stone terrace and is not allowed. Please make sure that the BBQ is cleaned properly when you leave.

- Visitors: Guest during the daytime are welcome of course, but let the managers know who’s coming. A short email or message will do, just to let them know in advance. It’s not allowed to let extra guests stay overnight. Villa Dicha is rented out to be used as a holiday home for our guests only. So parties or any other celebrations of any kind are not allowed. We don’t like doing it, but if we have to, we are entitled to remove everyone from the house permanently, including our own guests, if anyone breaks the rules.

-’Let to let’ or sublet, is forbidden in any way.

- The white towels are meant for indoor use, the big brown towels are for outside by the pool. All linen, towels, cushions or furniture are meant to stay, so don’t take them with you outside the yard. You can take the big brown towels to the beach or use them when you go surfing or diving.

- The rental price is based upon normal use of water and electricity. Especially A/C’s use a lot of electricity so make sure to turn them off when you’re not in the bedroom. If takes only 10 minutes to cool the whole room. If necessary, we can charge extra for excessive use of water or electricity.

- The walls are plastered and painted and can be damaged. Any form of tape, nails, or any other material is not allowed in or on the walls.

- Make sure upon leaving that the dishwasher has been run, the house is left in the same state as you found it, the fridge is emptied and all the garbage is in the bin, in garbage bags. There are glass recycling containers near the supermarkets in the Kaya Industria, recycling will be much appreciated. Leaving the house neatly will prevent us from charging you extra cleaning costs.

- Not complying with the rules or damaging the house will result in deductions from the deposit. If we missed something and you find anything broken or damaged upon arrival, please let the manager know the same day.

- If something went wrong badly and the damage is bigger that the amount deposited, there will be an extra charge, billed to you by email. Of course glasses can be broken, even if you are careful, we understand that. But serious damage or items needed to be replaced or repaired, unfortunately we will have to charge you. If something happens, we know you didn’t do it intentionally, so please let the managers know and we can work it out fair and square.

- The person whose name is on the rental agreement will be held responsible as main renter.

- We are not responsible for any damage or loss of possessions of our guests, injuries or nuisances from other parties, as a result of staying and making use of facilities in and around Villa Dicha. So, as an example, don’t let little children in or around the pool unsupervised, only use electrical appliances for what they are for and lock the entire house and front gate when you leave.

- in case of emergency you can dial the emergency number 911 in all cases. Other emergency numbers are:

Police emergency: 911  (no immediate urgency: 133)
Ambulance emergency: 912  (no immediate urgency: 114)
Fire departement emergency: 110  (no immediate urgency: 919)
Coast guards emergency: 913 or mariphone channel 16  (no immediate urgency: 113)

We would like you to enjoy Villa Dicha and we hope you love it as much as we do. Also we would like it if you took care of it as if it was your own. We are proud to have been able to build it and hope that everyone who comes after you, will be able to enjoy it as much as you did.

Thank You!